Inspirations - Interior

Looking for a great secret santa present for someone or searching for the best holiday gift ideas, is still a struggle, right? We're here to help!
We listed some inspirations which you can add to your personal gift list instantly!

29.95 Rotary Hero Moai Tissue Box Holder

Different design of the Moai Tissue Holder shows all the characteristics of the original Moai, but with a twist. Put a tissue box at the back end and pull a tissue from his nose. Very useful in the bathroom or kitchen and shows your sense of humour.

29.99 Artori Design - Falling Bookend

Falling bookend supports the books at a surprising, acute angle, which makes it to stand out on the shelf and creates interest and humor. The bookend is inserted in a concealed manner within the first book being supported; next to the book cover (a hard cover is preferable), so that interaction between the supported books and the figure on the base of the bookend is created.

49.95 Vintage Letterboard

You might know this gadget from classic movies: the old-fashioned letterboard that, for example, American diners use to show their menus. Schools and offices also used these information signs a lot in the past.

19.95 LED Speech Bubble

No more wasting paper. From now on, you can jot down all your brilliant ideas, sweet messages and funny scribbles on a real-life speech bubble! The bubble works just like a whiteboard: use the included black marker to write or draw on the white surface. And if you need a blank slate, just use a soft cloth to wipe the bubble clean.

189.00 Fatboy Gadget The Original

The Fatboy bean bag is our original bean bag and has proved to be a friend to all; it blends in great anywhere and catches attention without pretending to be something it's not (as many imitation bean bags do). Optimum fun is guaranteed thanks to the ample dimensions and energy-providing comfort. The Fatboy the Original bean bags are all yours!

34.95 Koziol Bottle Rack

SET-UP elements allow entire walls to be honeycombed. With its modular design, the SET-UP system can be used to erect anything from low dividers to complete floor-to-ceiling partitions. Like pigeon-holes, the regular openings can also house decorative or practical items, such as textiles, advertising leaflets, wine bottles, or newspapers. Quite simply, it's the perfect setup for anywhere!

37.49 Tetris Lamp

Awarded Favor of the Year 2013 in the Branded/Character category, this mains-powered stackable Tetris Light can be arranged in countless combinations to create a truly innovative favor. Each of the seven Tetrimino blocks light up as soon as they come into contact with one of the blocks that are already lit and switches off again once removed. Perfect for a bedroom, game room, den, or anywhere this Tetris buildable night light will transform any location into a colorful masterpiece.

14.99 Scratch Map

Scratch Map is brilliant! Its the perfect way to show off where you've been travelling while livening up your wall with a colourful world map. Scratch Map is a amazingly high quality, uber-massive wall map, featuring a gold top foil layer. Why? Because you get a unique, slick looking gold wall map to start with, and then scratch off all the places you've visited to reveal a whole new world below, featuring colour and geographical detail. The result is a totally unique and personalised world map. What a great gift. Comes packaged in a slick tube. This 81.9 x 58.2 cm world map is based on the idea of the scratch card so you just scratch off the places you've been and bright colours will be revealed underneath. Scratch Map also includes facts about certain countries and cities. Fun for all the family.

19.95 Impossible Bottle

It’s hard to squeeze a ship into a bottle, but now it’s easy to squeeze in anything else. Simply insert your favorite piece of memorabilia through the bottom lid, either standing or lying on its side. The result is no less than magical.

37.95 Felt Letterboard

You might know this gadget from classic movies: the old-fashioned letterboard that, for example, American diners use to show their menus. Schools and offices also used these information signs a lot in the past. And they've been making a comeback as trendy design items. Now you can combine business with pleasure: you'll have a nice, decorative item while never forgetting a task again. Includes 286 white letters, numbers and symbols to write to-do lists, inspiring quotes or the important topics of today's meeting. Naturally, you can endlessly rearrange the characters to make new messages.

23.36 Pac-Man Ghost Light

PAC-MAN is recognized world-wide as the most iconic video game of all time. Originating in Japan, the addictive maze game became an arcade smash in the 1980s and has remained hugely popular ever since. This PAC-MAN Ghost Light is a color changing mood light with two different modes to choose from. The standard mode will see the light phase through 16 different colors on repeat.

14.95 Pegboard

They used to be everywhere: in schools, in restaurants, in offices or in our own kitchens. Using the included yellow and white characters, you can spell out everything you need to say: from shopping and to-do lists to dinner menus and inspirational quotes. Besides the letters of the alphabet, this set also includes numbers and symbols.

14.95 Toilet Brush 'Cactus'

Tropical bathroom and WC accessory for some extra FUN in the house. Your toiletroom also deserves this cool toilet brush in the form of a cactus.

69.00 Beliani Salado - Standing Lamp

Designer simplicity and at the same time functionality. Nightly reading marathons or evenings filled with spine chilling tales are now at hand thanks to lamp. Black, metal lamp shade in the sizes of 17x17x12 cm provides light that will make all the evil go away. Stable, metal base enables adjustment of, 53 cm (total) high elements in suitable position. For the best usage of the lamp we recommend E 27 lightbulbs of up to 25W power.

11.95 Doiy Poloframes

Doiy is a young brand which creates quality products at very affordable prices. Doiy is a brand where people can acquire, or share, original, different and perfectly-designed objects. Doiy wraps us in a very optimistic world using iconic creations focused on curious gifts and home accessories.

13.00 Fragrance sticks

Fragrance sticks with a glass bottle. The liquid in the bottle smells of chai and orange. By putting the sticks in the bottle the fragrance spreads itself.

16.99 Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Wine Cooler

In this wine cooler by Vacu Vin, wine remains the ideal temperature. Beyond the fact that the wine cooler is effective, this item is also nice to look at. The simple yet stylish design looks fantastic on the dining or garden table.