Inspirations - Health

Looking for a great secret santa present for someone or searching for the best holiday gift ideas, is still a struggle, right? We're here to help!
We listed some inspirations which you can add to your personal gift list instantly!

99.00 Fitbit Charge 3

With the Fitbit Charge 3 you keep an eye on how active you are all day long and you do not miss a single report. As an improvement on the Charge 2, the Charge 3 now has a large oled touchscreen. Here you can read your heart rate, see how many steps you have walked and view your calorie consumption. So you know exactly whether you are well on the move while running or cycling. You also keep track of your amount of sleep and your various sleep phases. The Charge 3 is also waterproof up to 50 meters, so you can swim with it without problems. In addition, the Charge 3 also displays messages and other notifications from your phone, so that you simply leave your smartphone in your pocket.

19.99 Carbon Monoxide Detector

Outside it is colder, so we turn the heating on. But as a stove, heater or chimney is not properly maintained, there may be carbon monoxide, a dangerous gas release. The Alecto COA-26 is designed to detect carbon monoxide gas. The loud signal will alert you when it notices carbon monoxide gas.

149.00 Polar Activity Tracker A360 M

This waterproof fitness tracker is the first to have both a wrist-based heart rate monitor and Polar personalised training guidance, as well 24/7 activity tracking. It even has smartwatch features like smart notifications and a color touchscreen. Makes heart-rate based training more convenient than ever, just tighten the band and you’re ready to train. Exercise at the right training intensity and get guidance how to reach your fitness goals. Track your activity 24/7 and get practical support to help you achieve your individual daily activity goal. Stay up to date with phone notifications on your wrist, so you know if and when you need to stop.

19.00 Rotating Push Up Pro Grips

Iron Gym Rotating Push Up Pro Grips are multifunctional turnable push up supports.

19.53 Deliciously Ella - Ella Woodward

The record-breaking bestselling cookbook of 2015 that's taken the healthy eating world by storm! From sumptuous desserts, to food on the go, delicious dips, raw treats and rainbow bowls of awesome veggies, Ella's philosophy is all about embracing the natural foods that your body loves and creating fresh, simple dishes which are easy to make and taste amazing. Featuring more than 100 new sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free recipes to excite your taste buds, this collection will inspire you to eat for better health, glowing skin and boundless energy.

169.00 Philips Avance Airfryer

You can now enjoy crunchy, healthy fries and snacks from the Philips Airfryer XL. Homemade fresh Fries are made with up to 80% less fat!

69.00 Spiralizer

The new Kenwood Electric Spiraliser puts the fun back into healthy cooking. The two cones; spaghetti and pappardelle allow you to turn a wide variety of fruits and vegetables into spirals, noodles and ribbons. A great replacement heavy carbohydrates and hugely versatile for use in salads, stir fries and much more. You and your family can enjoy healthier meals everyday with the Kenwood Electric Spiraliser.

109.00 Garmin Forerunner 35 Blue

No more messing around with a heart rate chest strap, because the Garmin Forerunner 35 has an integrated heart rate monitor. While walking, you can easily check your pulse and you know whether you're walking in the right heart rate zone. Leave your smartphone in your pocket, because you can use the buttons on the Forerunner 35 to control your music. If you're training for a specific goal, switch on the Virtual Pacer. With this function, you determine what your average speed will be. The sports watch keeps an eye on whether you're above or below that target. If that's the case, you'll get a short beep as a warning. Are you worried you'll lose contact with the outside world? While running, notifications of all of your incoming mails, messages, and calls appear on your watch.

19.99 Chickslovefood

Eating healthy and delicious while having an extremely busy schedule, is it possible? Yes! Bestselling authors Nina & Elisa from Chickslovefood made a brand new book with lots of easy-takeaway breakfasts, fine casseroles you can make a day earlier, healthy lunches that are still delicious after three hours in your bag and super fast sinners. Everything with a maximum of five ingredients!

189.00 Fatboy Gadget The Original

The Fatboy bean bag is our original bean bag and has proved to be a friend to all; it blends in great anywhere and catches attention without pretending to be something it's not (as many imitation bean bags do). Optimum fun is guaranteed thanks to the ample dimensions and energy-providing comfort. The Fatboy the Original bean bags are all yours!

369.00 Apple Watch Sport

Apple Watch Sport enables you to take a step ahead into the world of technology, no matter whether you're a tech geek or a sports addict. This dependable and versatile wearable gadget helps you organize your daily activities efficiently and achieve your full potential.

99.95 Wake-up light

The Philips Wake-Up Light provides a pleasant, natural way to start your morning. Featuring a colored sunrise simulation and 20 brightness settings, the light gradually increases between 20 to 40 minutes prior to your alarm time. The light also offers the option of waking up to one of five different nature-inspired sounds. Backed by clinical research, the UV-free Wake-Up Light is proven to wake you up with an improved mood and energy level. A light-responsive dimming feature guides you to natural, restful sleep.

12.95 Cucumbo

This spiral slider will add colour to your kitchen and fun to your salads. Ideal for cucumbers & zucchini.

20.00 Rens Kroes - My lifestyle guide

Food is my passion, after a series of cookbooks that is no surprise. But for a really healthy and happy life are more important factors. In R.S. - My lifestyle guide, I'll take you into my conscious, positive lifestyle. What does my morning look like? How often sport I? How do I share my kitchen in? How I relax after a busy day? How to take care of my skin? How do I make my choices as aware as possible? In this book I tell you all about it.

18.49 Deliciously Ella Every Day

The Deliciously Ella way of eating isn't about following a diet, it's about enjoying delicious, natural food to help you look and feel your best. Luckily, Ella understands that nourishing your body with wholesome ingredients needs to fit in with your existing lifestyle and not feel like something difficult, which is why she has written this book - to help you make the right choice every time and start to glow from the inside out. With Deliciously Ella Every Day, her easy-to-make food will become a natural part of your life.

3.95 Kikkerland Gadget Fox Toothbrush Holder

Suctions cup adhere to mirror, tile, glass and other smooth surfaces For ages 3 and up, toothbrush not included Made of durable lightweight plastic

13.99 Havermoutje

Oatmeal is healthy, easy to prepare, tasty and surprisingly versatile in use. But what is possible with it? In 70 recipes Pascalle Bonnier and Mathijs Cook show the infinite possibilities with oats as a base. From bread to burgers, from soup to syrup waffles, from cake to cappuccino, from pasta to pancake. For every moment of the day!

18.95 Chickslovefood

Fond of easy, healthy and accessible recipes? Chances are you already have looked once at What started three years ago as a hobby, is now the best food blog in the Netherlands with over 130,000 unique visitors per month. By popular demand Chicks Love Food now comes with a first cookbook. With both golden oldies of the site as a lot of new hotties.

19.95 Sport Led bracelet

De Tunturi LED Bracelet Phone allows you to go running in the dark. The LED lighting in the bracelet makes you visible to other road users. The LED lights can be set in two modes, flash and constant light.

68.00 Philips Viva Juicer

Everything you expect from a juicer – high juice extraction, cleaning within 1 min – in a compact design that is half the size!* Treat yourself with the joy of healthy homemade juice every day.

70.50 Beard trimmer

With the Braun beard trimmer you get the exact length and precise contours – essential for every good look. Whether you're a designer want to trim your beard or stubble Beard would at all, the two detachable beard Combs give you the flexibility you need.

24.03 The Art of Eating Well - Hemsley & Hemsley

The bestselling cookbook from Hemsley + Hemsley, including recipes from Jasmine and Melissa's Channel 4 series Eating Well with Hemsley + Hemsley. The Art of Eating Well is a revolutionary cookbook that will help anyone who wishes to feel better, lose weight or have more energy. Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley teach their principles of life-long healthy eating with exciting and inventive recipes that are so delicious you forget the purpose is good health and nourishment.

49.99 Scale - Smart

VIVA is a clinically validated device that uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology to the composition of your body. The device provides accurate results that are confirmed by medically approved gold standard methods for analysis.

69.00 Fitbit Ace 2 Kids - Activity tracker

Compare your performance with that of your child and challenge each other on sporty flat out! The Fitbit Ace 2 helps children to begin to move in a fun way. The Ace 2 was created for children between 6 and 12 years. Children can challenge each other by the number of steps to compare performance are rewarded with virtual trophies. Through the app you have as a parent your child's access to the movement pattern, in addition, the Fitbit Ace 2 also sleep patterns. In addition, the Ace 2 Unlike her predecessor suitable for swimming.

90.00 Fitbit Alta HR

Move at your own pace with this clever heart rhythm monitor that accurately measures your daily activity, sleep and exercises. The new Alta HR also shows notifications and reminders.

49.95 Blender 2GoSport

Everyone needs a power boost during work or the gym once in a whilme. This Blender 2GoSport SMP060SI Kenwood is the solution. You mix all kinds of healthy green smoothies, detox and fruit juices directly into the portable, easy to carry blender! The powerful engine of 300 watts provides the ability to mix the perfect smoothie.